Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ode to Bud Light

Throughout my beer drinking days there is always one beer I find myself confiding in time and time again. This great beer is the legendary Bud Light. Never too heavy and never bad tasting. Sure there are plenty of better beers out there but none are as universal. Everyone love Bud Light (Even the Miller Lite crowd, though they never admit it, but always take the Bud when you give it to them) There is also the value of this beer, yes it is always affordable, not as cheap as its little brother busch, but still plenty affordable and very cost effective. It can be used to get drunk or just for a nice enjoyable beverage. Whatever my future may hold, I can only hope that you remain in it. This one is to you Bud Light.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Beer Movies

Because I like 2 things, beer and movies(that is not all but for this it is all that matters), I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Beer Movies. There is no strict definition of what makes a movie a beer movie, you just know it when you watch it.

5) Beer Fest IMDB -- This one is cliche to be mentioned first and really not a good movie at all, but it does make you want to drink beer, and the main topic of it is beer, this makes it good enough to go on the list.

4) American Beer IMDB -- Well this is actually a documentary about friends going around and visiting American breweries, and it is very well done. This movie taught me a lot about micro-breweries and I would suggest that any beer fan watches it as well.

3) Old School IMDB - More of an Animal House for the newer generation but still comes off as great. Frank the Tank will forever be in the Hollywood beer drinking hall of fame.

2)Strange Brew IMDB - If you haven't seen this, then go watch it however you prefer to watch movies. It is maybe the ultimate movie with beer as the topic, though somehow it still doesn't take the #1 position on this list.

1) Animal House IMDB - Classic movie about partying and drinking, and though beer may not be explicitly the topic of this movie, any movie about college partying counts a great beer movie to me. This movie almost makes me like frats. This movie is also more memorable and quotable than any other movie on this list, its just a good movie.

Please feel free to comment on my list and share your favorites as well

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clean up

I felt that some of my posts were getting cluttered or not very good so I removed a few, left only my "Pillar" posts. The remaining posts are my favorites and most important to me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things to do in your lifetime

I have seen a few of these lists before of the beer related things you should do in your lifetime, but I disagree with the things on and not on most of these lists so I have decided to make a list of my own. This is the list of what every beer drinker should do withing their lifetime.

1)Play Edward Fourtyhands - if you are not familiar with the game, the way it works is that you and preferably a few friends all duct-tape 40s of beer to your hands. The thing now is, that you cannot use the bathroom,(you hands are both full) until you finish both of the beers. This can be a struggle for some, but is always fun for all and you feel great when you finish it.

2)Wake up with beer - This is one most people have done, but many still have not. When you wake up in the morning go crack open a beer. This might be hard at first but once you are halfway done with the first one the rest of the day will be nice and easy. This is also one that is better done with friends, especially when camping out and just chill and drink all day. This will be a wasted day that you feel great about and wont regret.

3) Case Race - For this you get groups of 2 people, at least 2 groups but more is better and each group gets their own case, or 30 bomb if you want to raise the stakes. The winner is the first group to have an empty case, pretty self explanitory.

4) Shotgun and bong a beer - These are 2 things that I have posts explaining how to do, I would recommend reading both of them and doing both. You just get a nice sense of accomplishment after learning them.

I am sure that there are more feats that I feel are important, but I can only think of those ones for now, like I said, I am picky about what I feel belongs on the list. I will add more as I feel they deserve to be on the list.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Avoiding a Hangover

When you enjoy drinking, and especially enjoy drinking in excess with the techniques outlines below, it is inevitable that sometimes you will get the dreaded sickness know as the hangover. This is one thing that you cannot completely avoid though it is possible to make it more bearable. The first thing that I say before I even get to my list is WATER, drink plenty of it! Before, during, and especially after drinking.

Drinking at least one liter, (or quart for those of you still stuck on the obsolete system.) after drinking, before calling it a night will do a few helpful things for you. First it will put something else in your stomach to "push the rest along" and hopefully make sure there isn't any alcohol left come morning and hopefully will make you be able to eat in the morning. Second it will help to prevent waking up with cottonmouth, which always sucks because you never want to get up to get a drink. Lastly drinking that water will help to flush out your system, so expect to take a long pee at some point during the night, and when you wake up.

Now for a few tricks that I have learned that help sometimes, but as you have heard many times there is no fool-proof method of preventing a hangover.

1) I have found that taking a Vitamin B complex pill before drinking helps enormously with preventing a headache the next day, I have no idea why this works but for me and most of the people I have given one to, it sure seems to help.
2) Always eat something before drinking, every time you hear about someone being super sick they always tell you about how they didn't eat anything all day. Even though you may get drunk more easily and faster, drinking on empty always leads to being sick, so don't be that person.
3) Milk with salt. Pour yourself a nice big glass of milk, and shake a bunch of salt right on the top of it, immediately pound the entire glass. At first the salty milk will taste bad, but by the time you get to then end of the glass, the taste will be gone. This helps for 2 reasons: a major reason for a hangover is a lack of sodium in your blood, so this puts a little extra in(taking in a ton of salt wont help you however, your body will just flush it out, and it will be bad for you) and second the milk contains casian protein, which is very slow dissolving, which will keep something in you all night and help to avoid having a belly full of all beer.
4) If you have to puke, then do it. When your body wants you to puke it usually has a damn good reason for it, in this case there is too much beer in it and you will be even more sick if it has to digest all of it, so just get rid of it the easy way so you don't have to suffer.

Once you already have the hangover then you will just have to suffer. Try to take in as much water as possible and get as much stuff through you system as you can. Taking a hot shower will also help by making you sweat out as much of the bad stuff as you can. Also anytime you need to use the bathroom, do it, its all different ways for your body to clear stuff out. Also if you feel like you are going to need to puke. Try to drink as much water as possible and hold it off for a couple minutes after, but then let it go. This will make the puke less painful, and will help you body with getting EVERYTHING out at once.

Have fun with you beer and I hope that these few tips will help make you next day more bearable, so you can get back to it at night again.