Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Time Greatest Beer Movies

Because I like 2 things, beer and movies(that is not all but for this it is all that matters), I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Beer Movies. There is no strict definition of what makes a movie a beer movie, you just know it when you watch it.

5) Beer Fest IMDB -- This one is cliche to be mentioned first and really not a good movie at all, but it does make you want to drink beer, and the main topic of it is beer, this makes it good enough to go on the list.

4) American Beer IMDB -- Well this is actually a documentary about friends going around and visiting American breweries, and it is very well done. This movie taught me a lot about micro-breweries and I would suggest that any beer fan watches it as well.

3) Old School IMDB - More of an Animal House for the newer generation but still comes off as great. Frank the Tank will forever be in the Hollywood beer drinking hall of fame.

2)Strange Brew IMDB - If you haven't seen this, then go watch it however you prefer to watch movies. It is maybe the ultimate movie with beer as the topic, though somehow it still doesn't take the #1 position on this list.

1) Animal House IMDB - Classic movie about partying and drinking, and though beer may not be explicitly the topic of this movie, any movie about college partying counts a great beer movie to me. This movie almost makes me like frats. This movie is also more memorable and quotable than any other movie on this list, its just a good movie.

Please feel free to comment on my list and share your favorites as well

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